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Digital Strategy

As the demand for technology arises, so does the need for digital marketing. Most people search for products and services online, before making an actual purchase, which means your online presence is crucial for your company’s profitability. But stepping forward without a proper plan could be a big mistake. There need to be an action plan to leverage digital channels in fulfilling digital marketing objective whether it is generating brand awareness or lead acquisition campaign with a maximum return on investment.

Here's where a Digital Strategy comes into role, for a successful marketing campaign in today's digital world you need to have proper plan and a process of selecting which technologies you will invest in and where those investments would go.

Facebook Ad Management

80% of Internet users use Facebook, It has over 1.85 billion users and over 1 billion active daily users. Advertising on Facebook can help you reach a vast audience, can be targeted to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic or increase conversions etc. But ads on Facebook requires complex targeting than other advertising platforms to meet the actual goals and that is where our part begins. At Fofatt, our team understand Facebook’s unique features, and how to best use them to maximize results for your specific needs.

Facebook’s massive audience and unique features enable successful ad campaigns to scale rapidly. We device strategies and campaigns to best match your objective and ROI. We look forward to generating successful Facebook results for your business.

Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords gives you access to the huge audience that Google has, and allows you to direct these people to your website the moment people are searching for a product or a service like yours. As you can target people based on keywords, Google AdWords offers much more than finding the right people for your brand. Google AdWords gives you an immediate impact, allowing you to appear at the top of the search results for the terms you want in a matter of hours.

If you’d like to kickstart your business into growth, and think Google AdWords could help, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to talk you through how we can help increase your revenue and maximize ROI.

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